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    How to get BBMD's through an IP Router

    Hello, I have been in the controls world for a long time. I have installed and serviced many systems. Recently, I decided to do some testing on setup up a little IP network with two subnets and communicating across the subnets using BBMD's. I have setup many systems with BBMD's in commercial buildings with real professional IT guys. I have never had a problem setting up the systems as everything always communicated fine.

    Well I am finding out that the IT guys must be setting up some special routing in the IP routers that I am unaware of. I am using cheap little (and this is probably my problem) domestic IP routers. I can't get the BBMD's to pass through the IP routers.

    I have two IP routers with subnets of and I can't ping the devices from one network to the other. I have set up all the routing tables in the cheap little routers (and have edited them a gazillion times trying to get it to work) I can't get the information to pass. I replaced the firmware with tomato on one IP router hoping I could get it to work. I just ordered a better router hoping to get through this situation. I am setting this system up for learning purposes.

    Any thoughts or suggestions, perhaps on which routers and firmware to use. I am very familiar with setting up BBMD's, it could be easier. But I am missing the secret sauce to get the information through IP routers.

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    Port blocking by default in the routers? What ports is your system using?

    That's the first thing coming to mind in 30 seconds, anyway.


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