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    Trane XR17/TAM7 air handler max speed on defrost/aux heat....

    Hey guys, I had this system installed 5 years ago..

    Went with the XR17 thinking it would be more comfortable with the 2 stage outdoor unit..

    Either way, I have an issue with the air handler running at jet engine speeds when the unit is in defrost or when it is calling for aux heat.. Is this normal operation for this setup? I've went over everything and it all seems to be setup correctly.

    It reduces the comfort of the system since it is blasting tempered defrost air in the room...

    Thanks for your response.

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    It depends on the size heater kit you have and what the DIP switches for heating are set at.

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    If it is set up properly, IF, then most likely your duct work is too small/unit is oversized.
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