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    GAF Air speed adjustment

    I am needing help with adjusting the air flow speed on a gaf2a0a36m31eca.
    The previous company installed a 1.5 ton heat pump with a 3 ton air handler. I looked it up and that is an AHRI match. IMHO I really hate when people mismatch units to gain 1-2 SEER at most.

    But the duct work is sized for a 2 ton at most. So when the unit comes on it blows papers off my customers desk and sounds like a wind tunnel in the area it cools.

    My question is does anyone have the manual for this airhandler to adjust the blower speed to lower setting? There is a board on the blower that has three dip switches. It has the constant torque motor.

    The unit is poorly installed and the customer is not open to the idea of changing the AHU to a matched 1.5 ton, mostly since the unit is 2 years old. My company is going to redo all the duct work for that unit eventually.

    My apologies to the pics being side ways.
    The unit is a horizontal application
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