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    Quote Originally Posted by otto View Post
    We installed isolation valves already. It's 4" CPVC pipe. We're going to try and backflush, then Rydlyme if the backflush doesn't work. No promises to the customer.
    If it can not be unclogged then a new chiller. It already has one dead compressor so this is a last-ditch attempt.
    Thanks for the input. I will let ya know what the outcome is.
    Make sure you use clean water with the Rydlyme, also it seems to work better the warmer the water.

    What do the process side heat exchanger look like.

    Are you going to use the main pump?

    I just finished this job, it was 30 ton on a MRI. Another problem I has was the process side heat exchanger were plugged, so it took longer.

    The quick connect hose to one of the process side heat exchanger.

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    jimp, looks like a schrieber chiller

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