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    Dual Fuel Carrier Greenspeed System -- What should I use for heat?

    I recently purchased a Carrier Infinity dual fuel heat system in the DC metro area and I'm trying to figure out whether to use the natural gas furnace or the heat pump for heating. I have always been under the impression that natural gas was more efficient/cheaper to run but after entering my fuel costs into the Carrier thermostat, the system uses the heat pump for every day heating except for when the system recovers from a temperature setback which is when it calls for the furnace.

    Below are the specifics of the system. I attempted to calculate the COP but I'm not sure I'm doing it correctly. Thanks for the help.

    Thermostat: SYSTXCCITC01-B
    Furnace: 59MN7A080V171214
    Heat Pump: 25VNA036A00300

    Electricity cost: $0.15 kWh
    Natural Gas: $1.10 therm (including delivery charges, etc)

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    In my area, gas is cheaper than electricity. The costs are similar. I like gas heat over heat pump. Not only that, but a gas furnace has 3 moving parts ( not including relays and limits) a heat pump has many more.

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    Using the heat load calculation your dealer has access to a tool from Carrier to calculate the thermal and economic balance points for your system configuration. Without that information it is a guess.
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