Hey Gang,

I've been searching for a straightforward Temp/RH% BACnet wall sensor with setpoint adjustment for both Temp & Humidity. Something very simple with a nice, easy to read display. The display should clearly show the Temp and RH% as well as the setpoints for both. Setpoint adjustment should be easy to achieve with simple up/down buttons for both Temp & RH% setpoints. I'm fine with either a touchscreen or physical buttons. I'm assuming that physical buttons (non-touchscreen) will lower the price point. Also, a single Temp setpoint only(no cool sp + heat sp)!

I've seen so many that either make this process too complex for a basic user (cycling through menus, etc.) or the display is a cheesy LCD that can only display a single value set at a time.

I've also seen many that have more features than I need, which makes sense from a development standpoint: pack it with as many features as possible to attract a bigger market, but my vision is simplicity and I need this to work "out of the box" without the need to pre-configure.

This will be used in an indoor agriculture setting so the unit needs to be somewhat resistant to accidental moisture exposure.... Not 100% mandatory... I can throw a guard around it to minimize this exposure if I find something that meets all my other criteria.

To add to my wish list, I need to be able to Read/Write to either setpoint via BACnet. This allows me control from a frontend or locally. Ultimately, I'd also like to write to the Temp & RH% values in the event i need to use auxiliary sensors instead of the onboard sensors. This feature would allow me to mount the unit outside the space and display the remote sensor values on the display.

If any of you give me some ideas or even point me in the direction of anyone that might develop this as on OEM solution, I would be eternally grateful!