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    NSMA Article X, Paragraphs 20 to 23:

    "The Employer will first request qualified Employees from the local union in the jurisdiction of the Employer’s place of business or the local union in the jurisdiction in which the work is to be performed. The local union, upon such request, agrees to furnish to the Employer duly qualified Employees, including those with special skills where applicable, in a sufficient number, as determined by the Employer, to properly execute all work covered by this Agreement. The Employer shall retain the right to reject any applicant referred by the union.
    In the event the local union is unable to supply the requested number of qualified and competent Employees, the Union, upon request by the Employer, agrees to notify other local unions of the availability of work and will request these local unions to refer such qualified Employees to the Employer.
    If neither the local union nor the Union is able to supply competent and skilled Employees satisfactory to the Employer within forty-eight (48) hours, the Employer may hire such persons wherever available, subject to the provisions of Article IV, and train such persons to perform the work required. It is understood that consideration for such employment and training shall be given to Employees with previous experience in the service and maintenance industry.
    When the local union or the Union is unable to provide qualified Employees, the Employer may, upon notification to the local union, hire Probationary Service Employees for a period not to exceed six months, for the purpose of evaluating the capabilities of the Employee."

    The 4 other National Agreements have similar language.

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    Being a member of this fine, forum, i try and go out of my way to help a brother out when it is needed. Now in this case, the OP was more than that to me, as he was an ex-Army Paratrooper and ex-Grunt, as i was in Vietnam. But, he, like so many others who stop by, register, beg for help, then leave, and do not even have the Common Courtesy of saying Thanks for Your Time, was a waste of phone calls, and time for me. I worked for Raleys, as a Refrigeration Engineer, years Ago, and it was a Great Company, with Great Wages, and the only one to have their own in house crew, that was around northern ca. I knew, and worked for, the founder, Tom Raley, and could tell some stories that would make a blind man blush. Lol... Such is Life in this New World i guess.....

    Very Disappointed

    Actually, I'm "Pissed Off", but trying to clean it up.............

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