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    Quote Originally Posted by Red850kid View Post
    Yes. I've learned my lesson with some old Vulcan griddles. Flame switches out of the box that test close in ambiant temperature. Thermostat capillary lines getting pinched when lowering the top back down, to brittle wire and connectors that fall apart when touched. Sometimes your reputation is worth more than being the ultimate mr.fix it.
    The frymaster I rebuilt awhile back, I just got a call saying it's shooting a 10 inch flame out the back. I'm guessing the U burner pitted or cracked and I have raw gas igniting when it exits the fryer. I already told them I'm not doing them any favors by checking it out. I will repair it this one last time and if so much as a thermopile has a hiccup, it's goodbye relic and time for a new unit.

    What was causing the "shooting a 10 inch flame out the back" Red?
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    Ill be looking into it more Tuesday. That section/vat has been drained and disabled until then. The flame exiting the back was orange. The area was free of grease buildup. The gas pressure was 3.5" on the manifold. I'm thinking a leaky burner tube or a broken ceramic deflector? Ill let you know what I find.

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