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    Replacing 9 yr old Goodman Heatpump - Recommendations?

    Good morning,

    We have a 5000 sq ft log home in the Great Smoky Mountains area of TN with three 13 SEER Goodman heat pumps (two 3-ton, one 2-ton, one unit for each level of the home) that are nine years old. The loft unit started leaking freon a couple of years ago and was recently found to only have about 2 lbs of freon and a leaking coil. Considering the age of the units and looking ahead to hopefully staggering replacements over time, we are likely going to replace the loft unit rather than repair it.

    As for performance we've been pretty much satisfied with our current systems. With the log home, high-grade Anderson low-e windows and extra insulation our electric bills have never been over $300 and has probably averaged about $140/month (this includes two 80 gallon electric water heaters) and we only have to fill up our 500 gallon propane storage tank (for the basement and main level units' secondary heat source) every couple of years. With this and the thermal mass effect of the logs resulting in slow temperature changes in the home we don't necessarily think we need to get much more than a single-stage SEER 15 or 16 system with variable speed air handler (but I'm open to other thoughts and ideas).

    Knowing that the quality of the installer is most important, all other things being equal, what heat pump brand would you recommend for incrementally replacing these Goodmans over time? I've already received quotes on Carrier, Lennox, and York systems. I'm awaiting a quote on a York system and anticipate getting another quote on a Rheem system. I just basically want a dependable long-lasting system that is at least as efficient as what we currently have.

    Thanks in advance!

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    If registered you should have a 10 year parts warranty. Labor extra, unless you purchased the extended labor warranty plan.

    Are you planning on replacing same size for same size or going to an load calculation then determine brand and model and size?

    What are you looking for, variable speed blower, constant torque blower motor, SEER rating, single, two stage systems.

    Have them check your ductwork to see if you need any sealing, duct modifications?

    For me no preference on brands, pretty much all the same when comparing in same tier level IMO.

    Consider purchasing a up to 10-12 year extended labor warranty if that interest you.

    Make sure they quote AHRI matched systems, ask if what they propose applies for any rebates or search yourself.

    Make sure your system gets registered as manufacturer warranty will revert to a basic warranty, meaning it could be cut in half if not registered.

    In regards to being at least as efficient as your current system, the minimum SEER rating in the southern region is 14 SEER.

    This is what I would do, have them take a amprege reading of the compressor, OD fan and ID fan of existing operating unit. Then replace with the newer more energy efficient system and have them take the amprege reading of the Compressor, OD and ID fan motor then compare to your existing system to get a rough idea of decrease of amprege draw. Granted your existing system is low on charge so the compressor will not be pumping as hard and the amprege will be lower than normal.

    Ideally you would want the OD and ID temperature as close to each other when checking both units.

    If....they plan on following the manufacturer breaker/fuse rating sizes for outdoor unit ( which seems like a nice thing to do IMO ) the existing breaker size may be to large for the newer more energy efficient units nowadays, that would especially be true if they downsize your units if the load calculation says you don't need anywhere 8 tons. Something to ask them.

    Reusing existing lineset or new if easily changed out?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bazooka Joey View Post
    If registered you should have a 10 year parts warranty. Labor extra.

    Are you planning on replacing same size for same size or going to an load calculation then determine brand and model?
    Thanks for the response. Unfortunately it wasn't registered so the 10 year parts warranty doesn't apply. While I'm all for decreasing my monthly electric bill overall we've been happy with both energy costs and comfort. So we are planning on just going for the same size.

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    There are brands that I like and brands I don’t like and brands I just can’t stand. That is only a side note.

    Saying that, even the brands that I like, I have seen poor selection, poor installation and poor setup cause my favorite brands to suffer poor reliability, high bills and low life span.

    It is not like buying a car, a car it does not matter which dealership you purchase your car from, the car is already assembled and setup from the factory.

    Now, if the car dealer had to select the components of the car and build the car at their dealership and properly set up the car after they build it then you would have super wide costs differences and dependability from one dealer to the next for the same specked car.

    I wish I could say all contractors were created equal, but it is actually all the way to the other end of the spectrum, very few contractors are any where near the quality of most contractors on this site.

    Selection of your contractor is the most important, brand reliability is more dependent on contractor as he is the one that needs to be knowledgeable enough to select the proper components, install them properly, and set them up properly and verify the components are operating properly in your home.

    You are buying the contractor first, the brand is of little consequence.

    If I could not work any longer tomorrow and needed to have my system replaced. I would rather have my least favorite brand installed by the most knowledgeable contractor than have my favorite brand installed by just anyone.

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