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    Help with fireplace remote

    I have a gas fireplace with an Acumen remote that is about 15 years old. The remote operates inconsistently, does not come on/off properly with temp settings, seems to work sometimes, not others.

    I have tried trouble shooting, changing batteries, etc. to no avail. Should I replace this and, if so, what do I shop for?

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    In some cases, the remote will have a receiver module that simply ties in series to the toggle on/off switch which would then be left in the ON position at all times. As the remote signals, the receiver simply acts as a switch. A click being heard would indicate the part is working. This is a very basic instance simply used to described how a system could work and should not be taken literal. I've had to replace a gas valve for the same reason you are describing. Depending on the fireplace it could be alot of things.

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