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    Lg multi5 compressor clean up after burn out

    I have a lg multi 5 heat recovery unit with control boxes .the compressor is shorted to ground.factory recommend sucti9n filter,thought what about billow liquid line filter drier
    Also lost a compressor in a lg multi 5 with master and two slaves outdoor units- compressor also shorted out - thought of putting in liquid line filter drier to clean up system
    Any recommendations on clean up of contaminants

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    The suction drier has to be at the compressor.

    You could do a shell suction drier in the main 2 pipes but you’d have to lock it in cooling mode. You also need to size it for the capacity of the entire system.

    I would also install bypass on it so you can change the core while the system is on.

    Good chances you should cut out the oil separator and accumulator out and flip them and see what comes out.

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    On a VRF/VRV system. I would recommend doing what the factory recommends. Did you perform an acid test? You want to be very careful as what you add to the system as far as changing any design to the line set and want approval from factory before doing so. Mitsubishi recommends installing part# pac-sprfcs for systems to clean up after a burn out.

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