Looking to upgrade in this world a bit with some new fancy tools, Id like to hear some feedback from peoples experiences. I will say Im not a fan of digital gauges so this is a big step for me. Ive seen too many malfunction, call me what you like.

Smart probes
-Mantooth -love the charging port capability
-Fieldpiece -350 range is tough to beat

YJ series 41 manifold/gauges
-Ive got a manifold for replcemebt gauges only or I may buy the whole set

Evac Kit - would love to pull a quicker vacuum with at 1/2 hose!

Digital manometer- yes I use a U-tube, also have borrowed a UEI for more pressure
-Fieldpiece SDMN5 or 6

Any more recommendations or tools you cant live without? Happy to hear any thoughts