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    LP gas fireplace install question - sediment trap

    I have a Majestic DVT39. It's about 12 years old, was installed by a 'professional' and has really never been right as far as the flame height. THe HI-LO on the millivolt valve does nothing and never did, so it's always been on HI.
    Recently it got so bad we called the same installer and paid for an analysis/diagnosis. They said the gas valve was bad. I then called the propane supplier to confirm that pressure IN was ok(it was).

    So now to my question. I have the new gas valve ,but have not had it installed yet (the above original installer won't do the job since I purchased the valve so I'm looking for an installer). Anyway, I noticed that there was never a sediment trap installed. I'm now suspicious that this is and always has been the problem with my flame and that the non existent sediment trap is what messed up the gas valve.

    The new valve states a sediment trap is required, but I'm confused as the original installer did not put one in.

    Is there something unique to a propane fireplace that negates the necessity of a sediment trap in the input line?

    Thx in advance.

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    Unless the installation manual says you need to install one you don't have to as gas fireplaces are considered decorative appliances and a sediment trap isn't required.

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