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    supplemental heat for scene shop

    No heat loss calculation yet, but appears that current setup does not maintain heat in the space. Space is approximately 25 x 100 feet with about 30 foot ceiling. Location is in south Denver. There is a straight ac and fancoil with electric heat strips maybe 57000 btu currently which runs constant and doesnt keep up. There are large north facing windows and a glass garage door. There is conditioned space on the other side of one of the longer walls which is on a separate unit. Building has electric and no gas. Im considering proposing a couple electric fan coils or infrared heaters. Wondering if one is more cost effective or more comfort per input or if there is a better simpler cheaper option I havent considered. Thanks

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    Ceiling fans might be all that is needed. Measure temp at ceiling. If the heat has been on awhile an infrared gun could give an idea what the temp is 30' above the floor. Heat loss calc should be done before deciding what type heat to add. Mini-split heat pumps would be ideal if more BTUs are needed.
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