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You're correct. THIS is the retrofit kit I'd mentioned that we have collecting dust on our shelf:

Note the PRICE! That's about DOUBLE what they cost ten years ago.

What was really stupid was that this retrofit kit replaced the control & relay board pair original to the the earlier ovens. However, if there was an issue with the original control board, a newer control board wasn't compatible with an older relay board. So...you had to order this retrofit kit.
What was even MORE stupid was that the primary source of failure was merely the control board's integral potentiometer - used to adjust cook time and temp. With IT not working, the control panel wasn't any good. Of course, the potentiometer wasn't replaceable in the field...and not offered as a part which could be ordered.
Yep, thats the kit I put in. It wasn’t 7k though, I can say that for certain. That’s utterly absurd to charge that much. I did a blower wheel and motor not too long ago and it they were around 2,700 each.

Something else that’s absurd is the board compatibility you talked about. It’s highway robbery if you ask me. Alto-Shaam did the same thing with their HUD and ML series combis.

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