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    Desigo Insight BBMD

    we have siemens desigo insight installation in one facility.The client has asked us to integrate bms using niagara ax to other systems. The bacnet network is spread across different subnets and ports. I am planning to register the niagara station as a foreign device to a bbmd. As we have no site commissioning documents at our disposal, we are unable identify the bbmd to which the desigo is registerd as foreign device.

    Is there any way to find out the bbmd to which the desigo insight has registered as foreign device.?

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    I know this is a late reply to this post (I've had a membership to this forum but haven't ever given any advice as such).

    You've probably worked it out by now, however if anyone else comes across this it may help them.

    So Desigo Insight is an unusual setup with regards to BACnet, with Siemens using "sites" and "internetworks" in order to establish communication and "group" controllers.

    Each site has an internetwork. The internetwork is where the communications protocols are set up.

    There's 2 ways to see the BBMD IP address.

    Open up system configuration on the BMS server. Expand management stations and open up the associated management station. Most likely named MS01. Click on the communication tab and this will display all created internetworks (connections). At the bottom there will be a white window titled available connections with a list (most likely just 1 listed). Double click on this. A window should open, click properties in this window. ANOTHER window will open THEN click on the IP Properties tab. This will show you the IP settings as well as the foreign device associated with that connection.

    HOWEVER, a BBMD is not required to create a connection in Desigo Insight. And you may find the foreign device check box is not checked in which case the server and controllers are obviously on the same network.

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    As BBMD is part of BACnet you should be able to use third party tools as well, it doesn't hurt anything to read back the BBMD list from a controller. If it's empty that module wasn't a BBMD. I've used WebCTRL many times with third party BBMD. There's also a stand alone version ALC used to ship called BBMD.exe.
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