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    I have a ranch house with standard 8 ft ceilings and roof pitch. I have an FV-20NLF1 installed in the attic near the peak of the roof. All the vent pipe is 6" insulated flexible pipe. The intake side splits to two intake grates. There just doesn't seem to be enough air flow through either grate. If I block one of the grates the flow through the other is better but still doesn't seem to be what it should. Is this setup acceptable? What could be causing the reduced air flow?

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    Well for one 6" flex is too small for that ERV. it calls for 6" diameter pipe, but only round pipe (or, what they call "circular pipe" in the manual, flexible metal pipe might be acceptable) is going to carry the designed 240 CFMs, not 6" flex which carries about half at best.

    Two, what's the size of your house and what is the timer set at?

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