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    Sizing Oven Hood Exhaust

    I was requested to size an exhaust fan on a large commercial/industrial sized oven in a factory.

    Group of 4 ovens side by side . Each oven has a hood above measuring 26" x 56 " for a total of 4 hoods. Each hood has an (8" round I think) vent that ties into a common 17" that natually drafts to the roof.

    The purpose of hoods is only to capture the heat from door openings and they are not filtered.

    Customer wants a power exhaust installed in the roof. I have worked with our supplier to size a 2000 cfm fan yet customer thinks its not enough. Hoods are separate from.the oven mfg and did not contact them yet for support.

    How does one go about sizing this?

    If we upsize to say 3000 cfm I assume we would have to upsize the ducting ya?

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