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    Confused Waterfurnace Series 7 Zoning Hurdles

    Hello All

    I had a series 7 installed in my house when it was built in 2013. We are having an issue getting enough heat to the 2nd floor runs furthest from the unit. I have had a few people come out and give me their impressions and ideas to fix the issue. Ultimately I feel that in the end zoning would be my best option, but when it was installed I couldn't afford the additional expense for zoning at that time. My installer said that it could be done later for a reasonable price. The original installer has since been bought out so I am getting multiple bids with multiple choices. One installer suggested just using individual slip in dampers for the 30 runs off of the trunk. Another said that a series 7 can not have more than 3 dampers daisy chained with the intellizone2. Because of that I would have to rerun all of the duct work for 3 seperate trunks. I am just looking for guidance.

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    Sounds like there is a duct issue, zoning will probably do more damage then good.

    Do you still have the original plans with the duct design? If not you'll need someone on site to measure everything and make recommendations!

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