I bought a York CX-IDC controller on eBay to be used as a cold-standby backup controller to our currently operating controller. The standby CX-IDC has SW rev R10V01. I have loaded the identical controls into the standby CX-IDC (via IcE rev 1.08) that are in our currently operating controller. I also have installed and tested the standby CX-IDC in our HVAC system, and it functions properly.

The issue I see is that the LED status light on the standby CX-IDC continually flashes 5 times which indicates "Unacknowledged Alarms". Using IcE, I have been unable to determine what is the cause of this 'Unacknowledged Alarms' status. Can anyone help with determining why the CX-IDC continues to indicate "Unacknowledged Alarms" even though the controller operates properly?

Thank You