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    Old house with high humidity

    I have a 1950's home on the water in Florida. Earlier this year, I had a VS HVAC installed. When it's warm outside, my HVAC dehumidifies just fine. However, during the times when there's no need for cooling, my humidity goes through the roof. 70+%. I've been using an older standalone dehu which will pull out about 5 gal / day when the humidity is high. It stops pulling much of anything in the mid 60%'s though. And when we're away from home, we have to unplug the unit, as there's no one to empty it.

    I'm looking to have a whole house unit installed. It seems Ultra Aire's 120V would fit into our HVAC closet, and I'm not sure if our contractor could make a traditional horizontal unit work in the space without some major "surgery."

    My house is 3200 sq ft, 1950's, with a crawl space (no vapor barrier), and in an area with a high water table. The home is occupied by four people. Would the 120V work for our home? Or do I need to look at a larger unit?

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    High RH goes to low RH. A blower door test will tell you how tight the house is. Have you sealed all pipe and wire penetrations in the crawl space, windows ,doors and attic. If you do some research on dehumidifiers you will find stand alone models are rated at 95% RH and 80*. Whole house are certified at 60%. Contact your electric company they might offer a energy audit that includes blower door test mine came out for $50.

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