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    Quote Originally Posted by VanMan812 View Post
    Like 2sac said, Manitowoc has been doing it that way for many years now.

    We do pretty much what BadBozo said as far as looking up parts and handling warranty jobs. In fact, if you knew that unit was under warranty why waste your time on it? Have the Authorized Service Agency in your area come fix it for free.

    As far as taking calls in the field while I’m working on the customers equipment: yes, all day long. That’s the world we live in. Everybody needs everything done ASAP. So if my boss or coworker calls and has a question I answer the phone. Doesn’t matter if my hands are greasy or whatever. I answer dozens of emails and texts regarding work everyday. I can, but rarely do, complete my entire work order on my phone. So yes, my phone is always out and I’m always talking/typing on it even while working on the customers equipment. But it’s ALL work related. I don’t answer my wife’s phone calls or do any social media of any kind, cause I’m not on any of that stuff. The phone is just as important a tool as any other to a commercial kitchen field repair technician

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    Quote Originally Posted by VanMan812 View Post
    I personally like the ArcticFox (KE2) controllers. But there are many more bells and whistles to them than a traditional mechanical clock, stat and LLSV. So inherently there’s more that will go wrong.
    I guess I'll find out first hand about the ArticFox, though I'd prefer to stay away from digital controls. Regarding the Kold Draft, those were the first experience I ever had working on an ice machine way back in the early 80s. They reminded me of the game Mouse Trap.
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