Hi , Used this site for information on my jobs for a number of years and always gained the info I needed . I have a nj red seal steam /blue seal refrigeration engineer, I tend more to the mechanical repair side of my trade than operations i have worked as HVAC Tech ,heavy equip mechanic , large and small pump guy rigger ..all round bld Maintenance . Trained for 4+ yrsr . So I play with big toys in buildings .
The job I'm on has trane cvhf 1280 chillers . We have a chiller that prior to my arrival was going off on cold evap . The chiller tech recommended evaporator tube cleaning . The head was already removed when I started . I completed the cleaning and reinstalled the end cap . The chiller still went out on cold evap. Chiller tech added freon .Still went out on cold evap when under load a light load could be carried. A camera was introduced into the inlet /outlet side of evap head . A broken baffle was found (not by me) and estimate given for removal and repair .
I have been asked to do this in house and haven't found any info that I would like to have to plan the job. so I thought id write to see what i can get here .
1 . Im estimating weight of the head at under a ton maybe 1500 lbs for my rigging but have no reference to be sure .(important based on size and thickness of plate )
2. I went thru everything I can looking to know just how the water flow should be going inside evap. Baffle placement ( two pass ??)
3 i borrowed a camera and went in at the thermometer plugs and I see a dividing baffle splitting inlet from outlet intact . on the outlet side looks like maybe a lower baffle with a broken weld . (why Id like to see a pick of flow )
I ve never pulled this side off before .
4 considering the size of metals used I have a hard time seeing how this can happen how common and what may be the cause since i have 4 more machines like it . ive never encountered this on a chiller
So Im not working on the gas side/ do carry a universal / Have cleaned many tube ,operated trane , mcquay york and carrier assisted in chiller rebuilds, motors bearings air handlers coils heat exchangers big valves and electrical and tons large pump repairs but I'm not a chiller tech . Dont want anyone upset . I highly regard u guys and stick to the nut and bolt side . Any info will be appreciated .