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    Recover XLT oil drain?

    Hi all, a coworker is having some issues with a Recover XLT unit. We work in an automotive test lab and use the transfer pump to charge, recover, and transfer refrigerant from large cylinders to small.

    This morning while transferring refrigerant between cylinders the XLT started up fine but within about 30 seconds started running very rough and within another 5-10 seconds seemed to fully lock up the compressor. I believe that he has an accumulation of oil in the compressor but I do not know how to 1) check if that is the problem 2) drain the oil from inside the compressor.

    I will add that when disconnecting the discharge hose the unit did blow out a considerable amount of oil.

    Any help would be appreciated,

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    Hi Travis,

    You could try running some shop air pressure into the inlet fitting with the selector valve in the VAPOR position. If you get air out of the discharge port, then the plumbing should be clear of any liquid obstruction. If the compressor still won't turn over, then there must have been some damage done to the compressor.

    Is it possible you were recovering from a cylinder with an unusually high amount of oil in it?

    If needed, please call our tech support number 1-800-769-8370 for repair information.

    Best regards,

    Ron Plasek
    Engineering Department
    Ritchie Engineering Company, Inc.

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