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    Kitchen heat recovery for the purpose of DHW (pre-)heating

    Hello HVAC community,

    I am looking for reliable and hassle free heat recovery system for commercial kitchens.

    I would like to use for the purpose of (pre-)heating hot water.

    All solutions that I found so far get clogged up with grease relatively quickly and had to be remover shortly after installations.

    I wonder whether you have heard / have experience with any heat recovery system that works properly in the kitchen environment?

    Kind regards


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    Hobart uses the system which basically caputures it’s own heat and preheats the booster water with it.

    Just thinking off the top of my head here but are there any kettles or steamers that have a constant flow of hot water going down the drain? You could utilize that somehow. You could disconnect the cold water condensate but you would need to have it automatically turn back on when the d/w wasn’t calling for hot water.

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    Might look into Munters. They have a wide variety of HX equipment.

    Heat pipes might be another thought. Basically a tube that has one end in the airstream and the other in the water to be pre heated. Tubes have a wick and some sort of refrigerant in them. Works passively.

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