Looks like we are finally ready to start putting these in. Have four in our office that have been running for a long time and another seven on a customer site that have been good. These are the firmware changes we asked Abies for and they delivered. These seem very similar to what Contemporary Controls is selling, and I know Contemporary Controls has custom firmware on their models as well but I don't know if they took into account all of this. I asked them but without buying one Diego didn't want to get too specific for some reason.

*Unoccupied override 30 min increments up to 2 hours (similar to ALC button override)
*Setting to accommodate equipment reversing valve energized in cool instead of heat
*When unoccupied will shut fan off regardless of auto/continuous fan setting
*SPadjust when in heat mode will display heat setpoint to operator instead of the cooling setpoint and having to remember the offset
*Heartbeat, when BACnet comms go down revert to occupied setpoints if in a unoccupied state

We have also approached Abies in creating a more advanced thermostat that would be suitable for your typical Marvair Scholar unit (we have MANY of those). This is a sample of what we asked them for and they seem willing but want to get past the above first. Your input is desired here but I think we are drawing the line at CO2 control.

*2 stage Heat Pump (Y1,Y2) with Reversing valve, electric heat and (some) have 3 speed fan.
*ERV enable/disable; requires relay in thermostat and can be controlled via BACnet command or a setting in the thermostat. Manual below p21 note 8.
*De-humidification command. Need to enable dehumidification when room gets above a setpoint. This should be flexible enough to cover multiple unit types;
-Marvair Scholar units smart enough to call dehumidification internally via a special HUM terminal. It will decide to dehumidify only when heat/cool isn't being asked for on its own. The thermostat would simply need to call the HUM terminal whenever the room is above humidity setpoint and not worry about anything else. Manual below p22.
-Some other units might have a Hot Gas Reheat capability that also dehumidifies. Sequence of operation wise this would require the thermostat to be smart enough to only call Y1 and HGR to dehumidify if the room is within temperature setpoints. Temperature setpoint would need to be given priority above dehumidification.