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    Ice maker help and advice

    Hi guys. Im from the UK and I work in a huge nightclub and there is a couple of ice machine, one of which is a Hoshizaki IM-500SAA (or very similar, looking on their website it is identicle).

    It is god knows how old, there's no evidence of any history of it being serviced etc other then being patient tested annually.

    It's an extremely hard water area here, limescale is a huge issue even with several types of filter.

    I'm a qualified mechanic but I don't work as one anymore, so I have enough skills to feel competent to take this machine (as well as others) apart to source faults but I don't like touching anything to do with refridgerant gases knowing their dangers.

    The main problem is, the tray where the water inlet fills to make the ice has some sort of an overflow and it constantly pours water into the overflow tray below, which over time the limescale builds and that of course blocks. This mains pressure water is then overflowing from the overflow tray into the ice bin, which of course also blocks with limescale and the drain is only connected to a boiler condensor pump which then gets pumped into the waste pipe. This drain recently blocked again and the machine was filling with water the pump obviously failed and it flooded the floor below.

    I have since cleaned up everything to make sure it doesn't get that bad again.

    I can't understand what's making the water constantly flow out of the ice making tray?

    There is a second machine which is a Simag sv205, it kept coming up with an error which bought the "high pressure" lamp on. Looking in the manual online it said it was down to the freeze cycle taking longer then 3:30.

    I disassembled the piping of the ice making side between the pump, and primarily the spray bar, and the limescale that came out was stupid.

    It works great now, bit every so often it says it's 100% full and when I take the front cover off the ice making tray lid is ajar and the ice is stuck in the tray partially. I have to manually drop the lid back to close for the machine to start a new cycle, which brings me on to a main question for both machines, aren't these supposed to be cleaned regularly with specialist chemicals?

    It appears the boss has no clue, and neither so I because it's not my job to, but to keep things safe and working for both us staff and the customers I've taken it on as my responsibility to find out all I need to keep these machines running proper and actually work!

    Thanks so much for reading this massive essay, and I appreciate any advice on the matter.

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    If you turn the water off does it stop overflowing and make a load of ice?

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    Please call a trained ice machine technician. I could tell you what the likely causes are but that won't help you much. the Hoshi has a bad water inlet valve or water probe. The other machine likely has a worn "lid" that needs to be replaced or the thing is unlevel.

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    Hi . First of all you have to deal with the water mineral content with good filtration . We use Systems IV with Citryne . very good on mineral contamination . find a brand that has citryne.
    You wont get any input on Simag ice machines , don't believe thay are sold in USA. Also the IM500saa is a rare bird here , most hoshis are km models . recently worked on a IM500, had to restrict the water inlet pressure to the machine , building pressure 65 psi , that prevented water splashing in to bin as it filled .cheers Jim

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