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    Hmm TRANE CHILLER 500TR - Ckt.1 daily kWh consumption is relatively higher that Ckt.2???

    Good day.

    I hope anyone can help me explain about the issue in my site:
    I have TRANE CHILLER 500TR, I connected a power meter for each circuit to monitor the daily power consumption. As observed, Circuit 1 daily kWh consumption is relatively higher that Circuit 2 with same daily running time of compressor.

    Sample daily consumption data:
    Circuit 1: 4200 kWh
    Circuit 2: 3200 kWh

    Note: Same compressor run time and circuit run time during the day.

    Can anyone explain why this happen or what is the possible causes of this issue and how I can rectify the problem??


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    Are both compressors the same size (nominal tonnage)? Same age? Has one of them been rebuilt/replaced? One side could have dirtier coils than the other. Is the flugger valve working properly? Too many reasons to list especially since we don’t have a model number.
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    Are the kerniptor regulators set correctly
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    It would help if you posted the model number so we know what you have. Have you performed an axial and radial bearing calibration on the compressors?

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