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    Carrier Mini Split Blower Motor Replacement

    Hello I am an HVAC technician working in the Tampa Bay area in Florida.

    The company I am working for has installed a Carrier Mini Split Model: 40MAQB09B--3
    for a customer about a year ago, now the indoor blower motor is making a noise.
    I have ran into this problem before with other Mitsubishi Mini Splits, and it was easy
    to remove the old blower motor and replace it. But this Carrier Mini Split, I can not
    get to the blower motor. I have downloaded the disassembling manual from Carrier for
    that exact model.
    But it looks like you have to remove the evap coil. I have tried but don't want to cut
    lines to moved the coil. I can't even move to coil enough to get past it to remove the
    cover over the motor to replace the motor. I wish there was a video on doing this
    with out pumping system down and cutting copper lineset.

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    Call Carrier Tech. support, maybe they can offer a good suggestion. We only deal with Daiken, and Mitsubishi in my area.

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