Our house was built in the 1970s (weve lived in it for 2 years now) and we recently had the chimney cleaned and a gas log system installed. The chimney/fireplace serviceman said the gas valve had a unique key (one that he had only seen one or two times). After he installed the gas log system he turned the gas valve on using a flathead screwdriver since he said the key is rare/hard to find. However, I feel like over time, using a flat head screwdriver will strip this piece of metal and make it unsafe to turn on/off. My husband and I tried to turn on the gas valve tonight and it is EXTEMELY hard to turn with a screwdriver. So I feel like something isnt right. Does anyone know where I can find this type of key? Or was the chimney guy incorrect and this is just part of the valve that needs other pieces/adaptors? Also the floor plate to me looks weird because it has a circular hole. All the ones Ive seen online have a square hole. I also find it strange that every single fireplace gas valve key Ive seen online is the same. Why is my house different? Name:  IMG_4344.jpg
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