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    Need help troubleshooting an Ecobee 4

    Good afternoon everyone!

    I am new here but need some help, and I hope these questions are within the scope of the rules. My wife and I rent and we installed an Ecobee 4 when they first released (first day it was released in fact) to replace an analog Honeywell thermostat. It has worked flawlessly for 1 1/2 years up until this past week. We started using the heat again about 3 weeks ago, keeping it at 72 during the day, and 69 overnight. A few days ago when it was a bit warm, I set it to "Auto" for the air and heat to keep it between 67-72 degrees. Since then, I changed back to heat only but the heat is not heating up at all now. The first night, we woke up to 64 but I tried resetting the breakers, set it to 75, and it warmed up. But over the past 2 nights, no matter what temperature I set it to, it will not get warm. With the winter coming up, I don't want to be stranded without heat. Do you believe the Ecobee or the furnace is at fault here?

    I don't have access to the furnace (in a locked area) so I can't see if anything is wrong with the furnace. But the fact that it's been working fine, until I chose "Auto" on the Ecobee, makes me think it's the Ecobee. I just didn't want to reset it if I didn't have to. The strange thing is that I set it to off this morning when we woke up at 6am because it was blowing out cold air, but it set itself to "Auto" around 7:30am.

    Thank you so much for anyone that can shed light on this!

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    I doubt it’s the tstat but a service company will be able to tell you for sure. Good luck.

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    If you don't have access to the furnace, then call someone who does.

    You can't make any determination without all the pertinent information!
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