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    BV Priority Array Writing in enteliWEB Delta

    Is it possible to write to a specific slot in the priority array for a BV? If so, how does the syntax statement read?


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    From my last experience with Delta (10+ years ago) only physical IO supported priority arrays, values did not. You can look up the PICS of the controller and verify it.

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    kontrolphreak is correct. In all Delta Controllers v3.40 firmware and older only the physical IO points have priority arrays. So your BV will not have one.

    The new v4.x firmware does have priority arrays for variables as well, but that's a pretty recent addition and only supported on their new stuff so I doubt that's what you've got there.

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    Actually Delta has supported priority arrays since v3.2, orcaview
    if the hardware supported it, and there was a period were only physical AO BO, objects had it,, and AV n BVs came shortlly after.

    that not being the case then,

    Ifonce object changed then
    BV1.Reset = 1
    BV1.CurrentPriority = 2
    BV1.PriorityArray[2] = 1
    End If

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