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    Tracer Summit IT Security Concerns


    I work for a large health care organization. I have numerous BCU's on our network & the IT guys have been on me lately about security concerns regarding access to the BCU's with telnet. It seems you can use Putty, to access these BCU's via Telnet. In the past, I've hooked up directly to the BCU & brought up mini monitor. I had no idea I could do that from my desk, but I can.

    Does anyone know of a way to PW protect this? or which port IT could block to prevent this without effecting day to day operations?

    I was told that the BTMX can be PW protected but not the BTMW. I have searched through & can't find it. I've searched the web with no luck. Does anyone have any information on this?


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    Assuming it's like normal telnet you can block traffic on port 23, I'm sure a competent enough hacker could find a way around it but it will at least keep the general public out.

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    Yes, port 23 is what you want to block. There is not a way to PW protect it that I am aware of.

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    What can you do with it?

    Who has access to that network? Hopefully not guests and patients? Ideally not even staff.
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