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    Walk in freezer drain pan issues

    I need a little help with a situation in a walk-freezer and any advice would be greatly appreciated!

    Recently, we had a bolt on replacement door installed to fix a sagging door issue. The new door frame is larger than the original opening and covered approximately 3/4 of the pressure relief vent opening. Since the new door was installed, we have been experiencing drain issues in the catch pan under the evap. The water created during the defrost cycle stays in the pan and then freezes solid when the cycle is over. The next defrost cycle adds more water to the already formed layer of ice and eventually overflows the pan. The drain line heater is new and is working and no work has taken place on the drain.

    I realize the cabinet will be in a negative and the vent is supposed to equalize the pressure differences. Does the vent affect more than just the door opening and closing? I tend to believe the negative pressure inside the cabinet would keep the water in the pan from draining until the door was opened to equalize the pressures involved.

    Is it possible or likely that the blockage of the vent could cause such an issue? My gut says "YES" but I would like a more definitive answer.

    Sorry for the "novel" but just wanted to throw in as much info as possible!

    Thank you in advance!!!

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    I dont think its the vent.

    Drain line heater
    Drain line plugged
    Pan Heater

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