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Thread: York YZ Chiller

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    Quote Originally Posted by raptyr View Post
    I can't really share stuff on them atm but you get a good idea from the youtube videos and the range will be expanded over coming years, but if you are familiar with a YK VSD and YMC2 driveline and YT operating pressures then you know 95% .
    I figured you weren't allowed to share much,doesn't hurt to ask. I wont be seeing one those around here for years anyway.
    Out of curiosity, whats the drive bus voltage and how the volts/hz relationship plays out at high speed lets say 200hz? trying to compare it to a typical drive running on 460v with a 7.6 v/hz ratio, after 60hz the torque takes a steep dive.
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    Bear in mind we are running 400/50/3 but dc buss 550vdc and start frequency around 40hz but that can be modified to suit on site

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