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    I'm happy I always worked commercial.
    Quote Originally Posted by MatrixTransform View Post
    very soon it is you that will be pwned

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    Same here no homeowner bird doging you then complaining about there bill

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    Quote Originally Posted by pecmsg View Post
    Join the UNION!

    Get educated and paid while you learn

    Get benefits
    A spot on recommendation, it sounds like you could benefit from this. I completely agree.

    With the hours you say you are working you should be getting overtime compensation. So if you are working 12 hour days some of those hours will be paid at time plus half, and some also at double time rates.

    I'm not sure what is in the local agreement in your area but anything over a 10 hour day, for my local, and the company buys us dinner as well.

    There are union dues which I was always concerned about before I joined the union but after I joined I realized how under paid I was and how the union dues were such a small drop in the bucket.

    Your stress levels would decrease greatly also because you will have rights that protect you from being taken advantage of by the employer threatening your job if you don't work those long hours.

    Our ongoing education is covered by the union.

    Ultimately the decision is yours but I think it would be worth your while for you to look into and consider.

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    Honestly, from what I just read, it sounds as if you should switch careers.
    Go be happy man.

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    You're just hitting the mark where it is easy to find work. A lot, if not most, help wanted adds will say 3-5 years experience. So you're right there. Sounds to me like you're in the right career, just not the right employer.

    My last job did a lot of refrigeration, and a typical work week was 60-70 hours. Wasn't like that in the beginning, things just got worse as time went on. So a time came when I had to give notice to regain a normal lifestyle. Do like the guys above have mentioned, look for a company that does commercial, or look towards the union. Either one, you'll be happy you did.
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    Just be honest with yourself. You're willingly developing your own stress because you're trying to rationalize going to a pathetic job every day that you're stagnating, unchallenged, and bored while trying to hit the boss's numbers. Save the stress for when a loved one gets seriously sick, your house burns down, or a stock market crash.

    If you're any good at what you do, you take the initiative to address customers problems and solve them. Be more selfish and do the same for yourself.

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    Lot's of thing in your posts to talk about. The best advice given is go apply for a UA apprenticeship at the local union hall. A great income can be made in HVAC both in or out of the union. You left a lot of information out if you wanted some "on target" recommendations. But you may have to be willing to move to a different area to get a better job and better pay. The sad thing is so many in this country believe $20/hr is a good wage

    I don't care if you tell us or not, but you have to answer for yourself what is it that is causing you the stress? Then deal with reducing the stress.

    To obtain a contractor, journeyman license in most areas who require licenses you must have 4 to 5 years of verifiable work experience and training. What I am getting at and as others have suggested you probably do not have as much knowledge as you think you have. Have you asked your boss to send you to training so you can be a bigger asset to him? Have you taken any additional training you can show your boss you are improving your skills?

    Just remember the grass is always greener. With respect to Commercial/Industrial, unless you are doing a scheduled PM you are always a day late, because they wanted whatever fixed yesterday when they called.

    Gut feel: Apply for an apprenticeship. Follow up with your boss about the raise, try to resolve the stress issue, ask if your boss will create a plan for advancement. That should answer if you are working for the wrong company. The problem with moving to a new job now, your next employer is looking a 3 jobs in 3 years, what’s wrong with this guy?

    Good Luck

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    Quote Originally Posted by Answer-Man View Post
    . ……….. The sad thing is so many in this country believe $20/hr is a good wage...……………………………………….
    So true!!!
    I miss you mom and dad.

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