I am currently trying to evaluate between various BMS solutions in the market. I am new to the industry and would like to know the best possible solution. My client owns about a large number of residential buildings spread across many acres in the US. Their current set up consists of Tridium BMS with JCI's facility explorer controllers (FX 60 and PCG/PCX). We as a company are tasked with evaluating the current set up and also suggest changes if necessary.

The use cases under scope are:
- Lighting control
- Parking Exhaust fans
- Elevator fans
- Stairwell dampers
- Solar energy tracking
- Combined heating and power
- Energy storage tracking
- Building Heaters
- Motor pumps
- Security cameras

I have done a preliminary study of with the help of brochures of JCI Metasys, Honeywell EBI and SE Ecostruxure.
Are there any pointers to evaluate the solutions in the market? Can someone tell me the pros and cons of the current implementation given the use cases above? Also, we do not have HVAC in scope, should that have an impact in choosing a solution?