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Thread: Williams 3E291

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    Williams 3E291

    Looking at an old Williams wall furnace. Direct vent, and "through the wall" as in placed on an interior wall and serves both rooms. On the gas valve side the pilot and thermocouple sit together and ignite a large burner. On the opposite room side there is a second pilot assembly, and main burner, but no thermocouple.

    In a call for heat the control side burner ignites quickly, but the second side is delayed and obviously the main burner is opening then gas is building up and igniting a cloud.

    I believe the second side pilot should be lit by the first side, but not sure proper sequence. First pilot proves and second pilot is lit by the first in a delayed valve opening during call for heat. Or the second pilot assembly is lit with the first, and remains on all the time only monitoered by the single thermocouple! Sounds like a death trap, but these things generally seem unsafe to me

    Thanks in advance guys.

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    The following list of Williams brand or Williams manufactured furnaces are obsolete and there are no replacement parts.
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    Check for spider nest blocking gas to second pilot. Have found several over the years

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