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    Carrier/Toshiba VRF

    Hey guys,
    Been awhile,we are looking at taking over a site with the Carrier/Toshiba VRF system. M# myy-map0724ht9ul
    We primarily deal with Daikin and City multi. Before we agree to taking over the site we want to be sure we can support the product. Unfortunately the local dealer, Pierce Phelps, is not getting back to us with the just some general questions. 3 phone calls in a week and no response. That alone makes me concerned.
    Does anyone have expierence with the product? Do we need special software or special training for Toshiba?
    It’s a shame to walk away but if the local dealer can’t answer those basic questions we have no other choice than to walk.
    Is there another number for Toshiba directly to help?

    Appreciate the input

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    Another Carrier rebadge. ...... I say run....each companies' tech support will point fingers.

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