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    Exclamation BAS: Python program integration with Trend Control's block format

    I am a research associate working on a project to optimise energy use in moisture-critical buildings. I come from a programming background but new to BAS. I have been following the grey book (Honeywell), as it was widely suggested. As it's just myself battling through the R&D in this small company, I was wondering if I could get any thoughts on integrating Python programming (implementing neural network) with block format programming used by TREND control system. TREND agreed to provide access to the underlying (BASIC-type) program defining each function block - however, I find it tricky to implement neural nets using the BASIC programming format. Hence the python integration.

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    Do you try to deploy your neural network in Trend controllers? I doubt it is possible.

    But you can integrate Trend protocol into Tridium Niagara (get all necessary physical points & setpoints) and then implement your algorithm in Java and run it there. Or use MQTT broker as a middleware between your python and Niagara.

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    TREND agreed to provide access to the underlying (BASIC-type) program defining each function block

    Really curious to see that!

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    Guessing they offered the XNC for this. Have a hard time seeing SET/graphical blocks use BASIC is any way. To have some outside logic control Trend certainly is possible. BASIC isn't a path I would look at. Without more detail on what exactly is required, its just a shot in the dark.
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