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    Daikin Fan Coil Unit

    Had a silly one today and just throwing it out there to see if anyone eles has seen it.
    Daikin fan coil unit
    So unit was giving the alarm of A3 which is for condensate level. Disassembled unit and found no clog and the internal condensate pump running. So it turns out that the factory condensate pump for this unit comes on at call for cooling and will run the entire time unit is running in cooling plus 5 minutes after.
    Seems kinda weird to me but I'm no engineer.
    Well come to find out after talking to tech support(and they acted like this is a common call that they get) that the board is bad as I always have power going to the pump even after no call for cooling and the five minutes which is causing the pump to over heat to cause intermittent faults. They recommended replacing the board as its bad for sending the power and the pump cause it's been over worked and has had a history of faulting.
    Sorry so long winded but just putting it out there as it was a little weird.

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    Hadn’t heard that one don’t make sense to me thanks for sharing
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