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    Fireplace rating

    This is my fireplace at my home. Last year when the winter storm came to ATL, I tried getting the gas logs to light but they didn't work. As it was cold as shit and no power I removed the old gas log fireplace and started burning whatever I had. After the power came back I installed another 18" gas logs and used it for the remaining winter. Well I want to burn wood again as my gas bill was pretty high last year. So the big question for me is anyone can tell from my fireplace label is the fireplace rated to burn wood or no?

    I tried looking up the manufacturer but I can't find any info online. I first wasn't aware that fireplace are rated for different applications. I did know about vent and ventless issues but not about fireplace them selves as burning wood has a higher temp and can if not rated to burn wood literally burn down someones home. Anyway anyone can tell for sure or not let me know. I know those walls inside the fireplace are fake brick walls which makes me lean more towards this fireplace being rated for just gas logs and not to burn wood.

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