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    You have to prove X% of current within X% amount of time or you will see a phase loss. If you disable phase reversal it increases that amount of time to prove current with the soft starter. I ran into this on an adaptiview upgrade. Glad you got it figured out. So you were not actually trying to start in wye delta, and i thought you were having a contactor interrupt failure?
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    I finally got to the bottom of this, I didn’t realise phase reversal triggers as phase loss as I have had genuine phase loss in the past and didn’t think they’d double up on a fault like that.

    The initial fault I had was an instant phase loss which I thought the soft starter wasn’t starting fast enough, and making the wiring changes got it to start and that’s when the real trouble began.

    I disabled phase loss and wired in a normal latching relay and it runs flawlessly

    Thanks everyone for your help

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    CVHE With Danfoss Soft Starter Install Problems

    That’s correct, I wasn’t trying to start in star delta however when I had phase loss, I knew it wasn’t seeing the current fast enough, I just didn’t know phase reversal would be the answer. That’s what started my goose chase because I was able to get it running by wiring all the onboard relays in parallel to enable mine which led to lots of other issues.

    I expected to change the settings on the controller from Y delta to undefined/solid state etc and then all the relays on the starter would stop performing a Y delta start. But I guess there’s a little bit of preprogrammed logic and they just change with values/inputs it monitors?

    And part of my own wiring was causing contactor interrupt because that was the opto input seeing the ‘up to speed’ to fast because if I removed it then we got failure to accelerate instead. Another one that Trane used a bit quite exact description which threw me off, I would have though it transition contactor interrupt for the selected settings would have been better but oh well.

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