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    Bakery dust filtration

    I have to do a proposal for a high volume bakery with flour, sugar, etc in the air. Also oil, cause they fry stuff. Everything hvacr getting "gummed up". Looking for best filtering ideas. Anyone done bakeries?

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    Are you looking for offer for the filtration unit or for the air quality monitor?

    For the filtration of the small particles of the flour and sugar you can use quite normal antipollution system. Small or big system, it depend from the volumes and amount of the places with the pollution. So, system number 1.

    But if there are the fat and oil smoke - you need the filter number 2 - special air extraction system with the metal sieve cloths and carbon filter. It is quite general system that used in the restaurants f.e.

    If all dust and fat are in same room - put system number 2 and after that - system number 1. But I think the flour and sugar dust are in one room and fat and oil smoke - in another.

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    Just google bakery dust filtration theirs a few companies that do this type of filtration

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