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    Chocolate Display Case

    I came across a series of display cases for chocolates the other week, would like some input if any of you guys have experience with these.
    These are from the 1980s, still running R-12. There were 3 cases, none of the evaporators were original.
    Condensing unit had been relocated remotely in the basement.

    The temperature control is a standard Penn A19 remote bulb, the bulb is actually in the supply air. Setpoint is 60°F.
    There is a serpentine electric heat coil immediately downstream of the evaporator. This is energized by the dehumidistat (Penn W43A).

    Now, there is also another temperature control with the bulb located in the airstream. There were no numbers on the dial, it was labeled as 'Klixon' only.
    It can be seen directly to the right of the evaporator in the picture.
    What is the purpose of this control? Defrost?

    I have no literature or schematic diagram on these things, I believe the company is now out of business.
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    I’d say Humidity
    To Low & Chocolate dries out & goes white
    To much & it starts to go soft.

    We kept the Humidity up in our cases with less fans & a higher SST.
    The primary function of the design engineer is to make things difficult for the fabricator and impossible for the serviceman.

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    I agree. 45* F but keep the RH at 50%

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