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    New member PNW

    Guess here is as good as any....
    3rd week into Associate Tech. Degree for HVAC-R. Washington State
    Not sure if student qualifies member status but Iíll be in industry in no time.
    At 37 years old I decided to leave multi family residential maintenance tech. job of 4.5 years to study HVAC.
    This after odd construction jobs and production welding since I was allowed to work and pay taxes... 16 yrs old.
    A friend of mine told me Iíd do well in Refrigeration, so here I go.
    Still impressed by how technical the field is and surprised by its diversity.
    Where Iím currently at is: electrical theory and gas laws. Didnít think I was signing up to be a scientist....
    My initial impressions were wrong and just like to honor yíall for your intelligence. This is not turning wrenches and throwing parts at something till it works.
    Iím betting itíll be a challenge just to learn the basics, but thatís what gets my interest.
    Sorry if kinda long read here but thx for having me.
    Hopefully this is a good learning resource.
    If this isnít the place for a student, I understand.

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    Get your post count up. Apply for Pro status.
    Majer info available behind closed doors.

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    Students can learn a lot here, you just need to ask the questions. Welcome.

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    Quickly, I must hurry, for there go my people and I am their leader!

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    Thx for the welcome.
    Iíll try and contribute to threads as I get more familiar and when my thoughts apply.
    Where are the shenanigans at? Need to get a feel or the crazies here, are there any? Iím sure thereís a couple. Another forum I am in there were many. Different subject matter but community is awesome!
    I tend to be more reserved but can be full of nonsense at times.
    Some folks can just rip you up, humorously of course or else they donít stay.
    Thatís the fun part though, discerning the sarcasm. If done well. Innocent, harmless and witty.
    Last forum the character that stood out was ďChappyĒ I bet thereís a Chappy here.
    No spoilers please, Iíll find Ďem.
    Thx again for the welcome.

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