Hi Marsaloni,

I wanted to reply to your thread 2195671-Thermostat-options-for-Mitsubishi-Mini-Splits because it helped me solve my problem. But alas, I can't reply to a thread in the AOP forum as I'm not a contractor, maybe the moderator will help. So on with my story.

I have four various MSZ-FHxxNA indoor units controlled by Wifi/Kumo. They were installed by a platinum dealer, and while he wired up the PAC-USWHS002-WF-1 accessories at my request, I configured them for KUMO (as he was gun-shy about networking setup and I develop software for a living. That's another story.)

All units are working well, with the exception of our 18k unit in our living room. It's a 28x18 room with a cathedral ceiling and glass windows. Needless to say, the temp swings are greater than 6+ degrees. In the summer, I was setting the unit on hot days down to 65 to get a temp of 73, and even in the off-season I would set the temp to 78-80 to get 72.

I scoured the internet for a solution and the only hit I found that helped me find a solution was the post:

Option 2 - three PAC-USWHS002-WF-1 @ and three external temp sensors PAC-USWHS003-TH-1 and I can use their proprietary Kumo Cloud software/app that doesn't have many reviews yet but I don't have to pull any wires and it's a little cheaper. + labor but I'm limited to mitsu's proprietary software which I'm fine with if it works good. Seems a little cheaper than Option 1 and the installer wouldn't have to pull tstat wires to another wall.

This was the first mention about there being an external temp sensor option for mitsus: PAC-USWHS003-TH-1. I ordered one for about $50 and just set it up today. It works like a champ! It's keeping this room within 1 degree. Yay! No more daily fiddling with the temps.

One question I have (the documentation was light) - the install says: (Recommended placement is within 10 ft of wireless interface or indoor unit, unobstructed) but this is not realistic for a room of this size. The closest mounting location with a clear line of sight to the living room below (where I want it to sense the ambient temp) is 17' away.

I'm wondering if I'm going to have any problems with a distance of 17'. I'm guessing by the setup that it uses bluetooth, and it's likely very low powered. Does anybody have the network specs on this accessory?

Thanks again,