In the process of getting quotes for a combo AC/Heat Pump setup. The Heat Pump will complement an older gas boiler which will be used as backup heat at outdoor temps below 40-45 degrees. The HP being installed is an American Standard Accu Comfort with variable speed compressor.

Installer I'm working with is mentioning that it may be better to operate the new AC & Heat Pump with it's own thermostat, as it will be set up with one zone (the existing boiler operates on 3 zones), and the communication setup could be a bit complex given the new systems technology (one zone, variable speed blower), and the older system being a 3 zone gas boiler. The installer advised that the boiler thermostat near the HP stat can be set with temps just below those of the boiler in order for the heat pump to operate vs. the boiler when the outdoor set point allows the HP to be operational, and the boiler will kick in when the indoor temp drops should the HP shut off based on the outdoor temp shutting it down.

Existing system for the boiler is setup with Wifi stats with programmable setback features. We primarily plan to use the HP during the Fall and Spring when temps are more moderate for heating (home is in New England), but may use the HP periodically during winter if outdoor temps are moderate. We have installed Solar Panels which will offset the energy use of the HP.

Question- Is it better to operate the heat pump and boiler on separate thermostats as being contemplated, or push to get the one zone ac/heat pump and the gas boiler on one thermostat? If recommending one thermostat- what model should be considered?

Thanks in advance for any advice!