Good Morning
I get water accumulation on the bottom of the ac, and I have cleaned it twice this year using the solutions I purchased from HW store. I used ac flow and the other brand, and it has helped but there is some residue left. So my question is if I should scrape it, or use a different solution or more of it. When I sprayed ac flow, I noticed the run off was white color indicating to me that it was dissolving the calcium or whatever deposits are on the cooler ( I believe that is what it is called ). I also used a wire brush to gently scrape it, but I have some left. So my question is should I or could I use a utility knife to gently scrape the stubborn section, or just buys some more cleaner? Is there anything else that works for dissolving this mass? I was wondering about CLR and water, or Zep, but on the label Zep instructions say do not use it on metal, and I have not. Some other solutions I was thinking about are vinegar, Clorox and water, fabric softener and water. I'll gladly pay for the professional product if I know it will ultimately fix my problem; just wondering if the amount of deposit I am dealing with requires a different approach. With winter upon us, I think I may not have to deal with this until next year anyhow and one more cleaning may fix my issue. Thanks in advance for responding.