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    Trane Intellipak 2 TX valve playing up

    Hi all have a site I look after with several large Trane RTU Intellipak 2.
    1 unit was coming up with a low refrigerant charge on circuit 1 on cold days running in cooling, pressures seemed fine slighly low but fine.
    Model Number: SXHLF75D0F78D9AD801000CE0G0000NRT0M8000S
    Serial Number: C11M06581

    Reclaimmed the refrigerant and pulled out 17.1kg instead of the 21.2kg are stated on the name plated.
    Pressure tested and vacuum the system to below 500microns.
    Charged correct amount of new refrigerant r410a into the liquid line and the tested the unit.
    Unit is now tripping with 10 seconds on hp. Checked my pressures throughout the systems and the tx valve is shutting down causing a restriction. Condenser Fans, service valves all working correctly. No Solonoid valves on the unit.
    Got me stumped as the unit was working just before I reclaimed the refrigerant but has a blockage now.
    Any hints on the issue. Thanks

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    Perhaps the unit has had a bad expansion valve and the previous tech just trimmed the charge to keep it running.

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